Green Card Lottery Experts (GCLexperts) makes it easy for its clients to apply for US immigration through the Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery Program by providing them with exceptional and personalized service throughout the procedure. Millions of people apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-Lottery) so they can have the opportunity to immigrate to the United States and experience the American Dream.

SQUAREUnfortunately, many people who meet the eligibility requirements for the Diversity Visa Lottery fail to participate because they make mistakes on their applications or photos. In order to give more people a chance to move to America, GCLexperts pledges to provide its clients with access to experienced advisers who will guide them in properly preparing and submitting their applications and photos to the Diversity Visa Lottery for guaranteed participation.

Green Card Lottery Experts is a private company with many years of experience guiding people through the DV-Lottery procedure. The US immigration advisers at GCLexperts stay up-to-date on the latest Diversity Visa Program requirements and guarantee that the applications and photos of their clients meet those strict standards when they are submitted on time to the DV-Lottery.

Green Card Lottery Experts gives its clients all the information and support they need, including explaining exactly how to complete their applications and photos according to the Diversity Visa Program regulations, checking their applications and photos to make sure they comply with the DV-Lottery criteria, and by offering customer service in several languages.

new-york-skyline-new-york-city-city-37646When clients make mistakes on their applications, particularly with their photos, the GCLexperts Customer Service Department contacts them to let them know what needs to be corrected. Green Card Lottery Experts also reminds its client to keep their applications and photos accurate at all times and to update their information if changes occur (for example, if they have a baby, change their marital status, etc.). This is very important because submitting an application with inaccurate details can result in disqualification.

Another benefit that GCLexperts gives its clients is prompt notification when they are selected as winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery, so they can take the next steps to move to America. According to GCLexperts, “Being selected as a DV-Lottery winner is exciting, but the Consular Interview which follows is when the decision is made whether to authorize someone to immigrate to the United States and receive a Green Card.”  To learn more about the DV-Lottery, contact GCLexperts today!

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