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Reports are showing the strong need to improve the immigration policy in the United States. The US disproportionately depends on foreign-born skilled talent in computer-related jobs. Immigrants only made-up 25 percent of the computer labor force in 2019, according to a recent report, compared with 17.4 percent of the broader workforce. The Labor Certification Application requests showed seven of the ten fastest-growing jobs in the USA for immigrant workers were in the tech field and computer related. Even something as traumatic and unprecedented as the global pandemic did not make an impact on the country’s demand and shortage of STEM talent. 

Companies from around the country were continuing to look for high-skilled immigrant workers to fill millions of positions during the pandemic. In 2020, close to 372,000 foreign job requests were filed for computer-related positions. GCLExperts has a team of immigration specialists ready to help you identify the best US visa option for you and your family. Their goal is to make sure anyone wanting to move to the US can do so quickly and efficiently.

foreign job requests were filed for computer-related positions

The United States does not have enough high-skilled talent to meet the demand for computer-related jobs, and companies are looking for immigrant talent to fill the gap, according to a recent report. For every computer or math worker unemployed in the US last year, there were over seven job openings for computer-related occupations, a bipartisan immigration research group found. 

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