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Out of the 450 million adults living in Latin America and the Caribbean, when asked if they would like to move to another country, an extraordinary 27 percent of them said, “Yes!” That equates to 120 million wanting to relocate somewhere other than the country where they currently reside. The poll then asked where they would like to live, and 42 million, or 35 percent of them, chose the United States. There are many opportunities available for you and your family living in the United States. 

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Those looking for asylum or citizenship are trying to determine exactly when and how to make their move to relocate. While trying to find a solution for the thousands of immigrants waiting at our border, let’s ask the more challenging question, “What about the millions that want to come?” What is the 10-year plan for the United States immigration program? Not only are 330 million US citizens asking, so are the 42 million Latinos ready to find a new life in America. 

GCLExperts has a team of professionals ready to help you by providing immigration tips and services and helping you immigrate to the US. You will have access to experienced advisers who will help guide you through the process.

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