There are around 110,000 people who are selected in the Green Card Lottery each year. Once selected, applicants must complete a security check, medical exam, and consular interview before they can receive their Green Card.

directory-973992_640During this process, many people are disqualified because they do not provide all of the required information.

By working with the Green Card Lottery Experts, we can help avoid this situation by asking for all necessary information before the applications are submitted.

Avoid this problem and let GCL Experts help you with your visa application!

Only 55,000 of the approximately 110,000 people and families will get their Green Card because they don’t complete the process or they are disqualified due to missing meetings, not having a medical exam, or failing to meet other requirements.


It is vital to do all of these things right away in order to guarantee that you are one of the 55,000 people and families who is accepted. GCLexperts will contact our clients immediately to let them know when they have been selected by the Kentucky Consular Center.

We want our customers to hurry and finish the process so they can be winners and get their Green Cards!

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