Usually, after graduating from law school, graduates work in law firms, but there are many options such as a solo practice, working for the military or government, working for a non-profit organization or becoming a law professor. After ten or more years of experience, how much are graduates from America’s top law schools bringing home? PayScale released data showing which university graduates make the most. If you would like to relocate to the United States, consider contacting GCLExperts for information on US immigration. They can help you in applying for the Green Card Lottery and obtaining a Green Card to live and work in America.

The number one law school is Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut. The bar pass rate at this university is 96.3 percent. Once a graduate has ten years experience, they can be expected to have a median pay of $195,000. The estimated cost of a moderate style of living in New Haven for the nine-month academic year is just over $85,000. The second-ranked law school is the prestigious Stanford University. Stanford is located near Palo Alto, California, and was established in 1893. A graduate can be expected to have a mid-career median pay of $222,000. For Harvard University, ranked third, graduates receive a mid-career median wage of $210,000 after paying an estimated yearly cost of $96,000 to attend this college. To relocate to America, contact GCLExperts for US immigration information. Their team of experts can answer any of your questions.

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